Katie Taylor, the person behind Seed Copywriting.

Katie Taylor graduated from Leeds Trinity University with a 2:1 in Journalism in 2010, but began her writing career fourteen years earlier when Michael Rosen visited her primary school. He convinced her, with his big round eyes and exciting poems about dogs in playgrounds and bear hunts, that writing wasn’t just words on paper. Since then, she hasn’t gone a single day without writing¬†something.

Katie has worked as a Content Marketing Executive in the education and professional training sector at Burnley College for four years. She has also created content in the music, recruitment, IT, healthcare, travel, food and drink and hospitality industries.

Now in her tenth year of writing things as a career, Katie has set up Seed Copywriting to offer creative marketing services to anyone who would benefit from relevant, well-crafted, deeply-thought-about copy and content, including:

  • Local businesses
  • National businesses
  • Small businesses
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Large businesses
  • Individuals
  • Enterprises
  • Institutions
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Independent traders
  • Magazine editors
  • Restaurant owners
  • Theme parks
  • Zoos
  • Breweries
  • Meme makers
  • Everyone else.

Everyone¬†could benefit from good copywriting. You can’t sell a great product or share a fantastic idea without it. Great content grabs your attention. It makes you sit up and listen. It can make you angry or turn your frown upside-down. It can create a compelling narrative or it can simply get the job done. It can turn your website, business or campaign into something uniquely memorable for all the right reasons.

When you choose Seed Copywriting to work on your precious content, you should know that you’re choosing a bonafide, grade-A marketing geek. Nobody could possibly care more about what your words say about you.

Katie cares about words. Ask her to care about yours.

A short Q+A session with Seed Copywriting boss Katie Taylor.

What’s a copywriter?

I’m glad you asked. A copywriter is somebody who’s got the gift of the gab, but via the written word rather than vocally. Copywriters pride themselves on their ability to “turn copy around” (write things) quickly and efficiently. They are also adept at conducting thorough research (most copywriters are nerds and enjoy learning new things) and they are generally excellent at finding interesting nuggets of gold in even the dullest, most cavernous subjects.

What other services can you provide?

I’ve gained a wealth of experience over my professional career and I’ve worked as a Marketing Executive, a Social Media Co-Ordinator, a Content Marketing Executive, a Promoter, a Broadcast Journalist and a Writer. I’m comfortable switching between these roles and more on a swift moment’s notice and many of my jobs have seen me use a combination of all these skills. I’m also great at retail and bar work and love working with people, nature and animals.

For a full list of the services I offer, visit the services page.

What has been the weirdest piece of copywriting you’ve ever produced for a client?

The music industry can turn up some pretty strange content, as can the education sector, believe it or not, but I think the oddest thing I’ve ever written was for an in-flight magazine. Sometimes writing can take you to corners of your mind you didn’t know were there, and this particular commission asked me to write three in-depth pieces about the Canary Islands. As it turns out, having never travelled to the Canary Islands myself wasn’t a problem for my client. I found myself writing travel guides and restaurant recommendations in the enthusiastic tone of an ex-pat, boldly demanding readers to visit certain bars and beaches and conveying the excitement of local festivals and the vibrancy of the local markets in full Hollywood technicolor. I got so carried away that I started inventing holiday anecdotes to include more personal flair. To this day I still find myself wondering if I’ve ever actually been to Palmitos Park in Gran Canaria. (I haven’t.)

How could you make my business sound interesting when to most people it just isn’t?

In the words of Rupi Kaur, “How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.”

I promise that no matter what you’re selling, offering, changing or otherwise promoting, we will find a fascinating angle together. In the past I’ve written about portable speed cameras, LAN networks, cloud computing, SharePoint and qualifications of all kinds. My speed camera feature was translated into German, for a business to business publication about road traffic safety. Imagine reading that! In all those jobs and in more besides, I made it my priority to write as compellingly and clearly as I could. It’s about combining experience with fresh perspectives, and using your passion to fuel my interest in the subject.

Do you ever get tired of writing?