Features and “advertorials” are long-read content that turn adverts into interesting articles in their own right.

Katie says:

“Because I’m a trained journalist and long-time creative writer, features are my natural happy place. I work hard to dig out out every hidden kernel of interest within each subject I’m asked to cover and I find great satisfaction in turning dry, unassuming topics into headline-grabbing stories. Even dreary subjects deserve glamorous copy.”

“Much of my writing is bespoke, adding clients’ needs and requests as a top priority and using research into consumer interest and trends to add relevance and effectiveness into the mix. The resulting features, longreads, stories and articles are packed with genuine appeal as well as necessary corporate identity and key messages.”

“Features aren’t sales pitches, but they can be. Writing fascinating stories about your company can often be the most effective way to attract attention. Talk to me about what you do and I bet I can think of at least three angles we can develop about it.”

“I like a challenge.”

Also, she’d never say this to you, but she won a national award for her creative feature writing in 2018.

Katie Taylor silver award winner young beer writer 2018

See some of Katie’s previous feature work on her portfolio page.

Features on leaders, learners and innovators, from Burnley Magazine 2017
Feature on leaders, learners and innovators, from Burnley Magazine 2017