Clean, error-free copy can mean the difference between success and failure.

Whether you’re prone to mistakes, typos and spelling errors or not, proofreading is an essential step. Checking over your work isn’t just vital, it stops career-ending gaffes from occurring.

But it takes ages. It’s a lengthy process, and done correctly it can mean adding hours onto a project’s expected deadline in order to get it right. You might not have the time to spare. That’s why you need a proofreader.

Katie is a professional proofreader based in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire, and she catches Americanizations, Grocer’s Apostrophe’s and tpyos like a puffin catches herring. There were three mistakes in that last sentence. Did you spot them?

A second pair of eyes lends outsider knowledge to your work, and helps you to lift out repetition, highlight clumsy phrasing and brutally cut out waffle. Proofreaders aren’t precious about your work the way you are. They can slay a sentence like *that*. That’s why they’re great to work with.

Who needs a proofreader?

  • Business owners
  • Publishers
  • Editors
  • Students
  • Web Developers
  • Bloggers
  • Writers
  • Teachers

What proofreading services does Seed Copywriting offer?

  • Thesis and doctorate proofreading (academic proofreading)
  • Essay proofreading
  • Whitepaper proofreading
  • Blog proofreading
  • Article and feature proofreading
  • CV proofreading

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