Tone of Voice Development

Tone of Voice speaks to your customers, content tells them what to do.

Seed Copywriting Tone of Voice development helps your business to find its voice.  It’s an intensive process that takes a lot of deep conversations about your business’ needs, but what comes out is an invaluable document that will help you push your marketing forward.

Once upon a time, companies only had to worry about what their product could offer their customers. Was it good value? A superior service? Something unique?

Now, customers are schmoozed from every angle by plush marketing campaigns that speak to them directly as people, or even friends.

This type of marketing isn’t just for the big brands. It’s also within your reach.

You can use Tone of Voice in a range of settings, including:

  • Web content
  • Marketing
  • Collateral and literature
  • Social Media content
  • Video scripts
  • Blog posts

Whenever you are communicating with your customers and clients, Tone of Voice should be at the forefront of your mind. Tone of Voice Development will enable you to speak effectively to your chosen target audiences, increasing trust and loyalty for your brand.

Nobody wants to be marketed at anymore. They want to feel part of an experience. Developing your voice helps you to do this, providing a personality and immersive context to your brand, no matter what it is. Whether you manufacture wheels for shopping trolleys or you provide essential care to vulnerable people, we can work together to enable your message to come across clearly and in your own words.

What do I get?

Every project is bespoke to your needs and you will receive:

  • A full consultation
  • A Tone of Voice document, for use in house by you and your employees
  • Guidance on how to utilise ToV within your business
  • Expert training

Let’s talk about how we can develop your brand together.