Freelancers are good for your health

Did you know that freelancers are good for your health?

Not only are they proven to reduce stress, they’re also great at improving staff morale and office dynamics, and that’s before we start getting into all the positive motivational impact they can provide.

Here are the reasons we’re so good for you.

We’re infectiously enthusiastic

The thing about freelancers is, we love what we do. That’s why we’ve decided to devote all of our time to our careers, focusing intensely on one particular talent we know we’re a leader in. For me, that’s writing. For others, it’s web dev, or design.

No matter our niche, you can guarantee that we’re more enthusiastic about it than you could possibly imagine, and that we are excellent at what we do. That’s our job. To be great. The side-effects of this in your staff might include renewed excitement and positivity.

We take a load off your shoulders

That blog post you know you should be writing? Consider it done. Scheduling this week’s social media posts slipped down your to-do list again? Take a deep breath and cross it off completely. The buggy little fixes on your company site you keep meaning to get round to? Bibbity, bobbity, boo.

Us freelancers relish the challenge of getting down to work on a tight deadline. What looms in the shadows to you is a sparkling opportunity to us. Don’t sit there stressing over work you’ll honestly never get around to doing – just pass it on to a pro, wipe that forehead and feel the sweet chill of a job well done.

We’re life-givingly honest

If we don’t think we can hit a deadline, we’ll tell you. If you’re asking us to work on something that’s not our forté, you’d better know we’re working extra hard to get it right because otherwise we’d tell you about our limitations.

We don’t work for your company; you’re hiring our services. That means when we come in and sit opposite you, we’re going to be straight with you. We already have the job, we have nothing more to gain from blagging at this point. We’re often refreshingly blunt too – especially if you’ve asked us to critique your work or run an audit. Not having emotional ties gives us the freedom to say exactly what we think and you’d be surprised how much life that can give you.

We motivate you to look at your own deadlines

If you’re giving us work you need a quick turnaround on, we’re going to email to request amends and feedback. Sorry about it. We want to make sure the work you’ve tasked us with hits the deadline right, and suits the brief well, so it’s on us to make sure we can get the job done correctly.

That doesn’t mean we’ll be bothering you though. Freelancers are self-sufficient geniuses who can work away to a brief without any further intervention. All we’ll get in touch about is fact-checking and deadlines.  Listen: That’s the sound of peace and quiet. Now there’s no excuse. Time to crack on with your other priorities.

Think you could use the soothing effects of a freelance content creator and copywriter? Get in touch and let’s talk about what I can do this week, right now, to make everything better.

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